It's All about good food

Since 1992

Our history

It was 1992 when Salami brothers who had a great recipe for bakery and pizza opened the Aljawad bakery in Tyre.

The bakery was an immediate hit and as years went by, the beaker was extended to a small restaurant that started serving in addition to pizza a collection of snack and sandwiches, in couple of years this small restaurant became and icon in the city and year after year the restaurant was extended until 2006 where the total renovation was made for AlJawad restaurant in Tyre, and a new AlJawad restaurant were opened in Beirut city south suburban in the year 2009 to become a city hit of Beirut south suburban.

Our Passion ...

Our passionate desire to provide extraordinary value for our guests in a high-energy, fun, friendly environment, along with a sincere commitment to support the communities in which we do business, goes to the heart of what differentiates AlJawad from other restaurants. It is because of you, our guests, that we have been able to realize a dream and create the company and culture that thrives today. Thank you for being the biggest and most important part of what keeps our dreams alive!

  • Simply Perfection

  • Spectacular Tastes

  • unlimited choice of salads

our working hours

Our working hours varies between summer and winter and will be updated seasonally

11am to 2 am
11am to 2 am
11am to 2 am
11am to 2 am
11am to 2 am
11am to 3 am
11am to 2 am

approximate number of serviced items in millions

Belive it or not

  • Sandwiches


  • Platers


  • Fried Chicken


  • Cocktail


  • Juice