April 09, 2014

AlJawad Monday Game

AlJawad Veterans and AlJawad Youth , where Youth team was able to win by two goals on the Veterans within an atmosphere of a great participation of the staff of the restaurant.

Acquisition was neutral between the two teams , but the Youth was able in the last 15 minutes to score 2 goals to declare a match victory.

In conclusion , Mr. Abu Ali Hazima and Mr. Ali Noamy handed over the trophy to the Young team within a great atmosphere .

It is worth mentioning that the Veteran sam members are Haj Hussein Abssy , Mustafa Salami , Nusrat Jamal, Maher Yassin and Hussein Sahoun and the Younth team members are Rajah Hoila , Mohamed Abdel Aal , Ali Badran , Mohammad Shamma and Mousa Ghandour.